The Boy Scout Fallout


The LGBT people look at this as a win. In reality they have torn down and perverted one of Americas greatest organizations. What organization do these people want to defile next…


boyscoutsThe dust has scarcely settled from the Boy Scouts of America’s landmark vote to allow openly gay young men and boys to participate in scouting, yet already another controversy is brewing with parents and churches caught up in the crossfire.


Nationwide, congregations and families are coming to terms with the BSA policy change. In an effort to remain strong in their biblical convictions, many are being forced to cut ties with the BSA despite years of financial support and mutual trust.

But in doing so, their decision to withdraw support of the nation’s largest scouting organization has come under scrutiny by the liberal media and the leftwing blogosphere. Just days following the vote, Atlanta-area pastor Ernest Easley made national news when he advised his parishioners to cut all ties with BSA.

I never dreamed I’d have to stand up publicly and say to parents: Pull your kids out of the Boy Scouts,” Easley told the Baptist Press May 28. “If you would have asked me that five years ago, 10 years ago, I would have laughed,” Easley said. “And even as I was saying it Sunday morning, I thought, I cannot believe I’m having to address this and encourage parents to pull their children out of the Boy Scouts of America.

Louisville’s largest church, Southeast Christian Church, also made headlines when they cut ties with the Boy Scouts after the national organization decided to drop its ban on gay youth.

We want everyone, including ourselves, to live by biblical standards,” said the Executive Pastor Tim Hester. “Truly for us it’s a logical decision … We cannot be distracted from the mission God has called us to.

The BSA policy change is a sad reality that parents too must come to terms with. Michael Woodward, whose eleven year old son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and is particularly vulnerable to outside influences, has also decided to withdraw his support of BSA.

I cannot have my son say the Scout oath “…to keep myself morally straight…knowing that the Scout’s definition of that is now in direct contradiction to God’s definition. I cannot risk having my Asperger son led by a role model that is in fact immoral. He would follow.

So as parents and pastors make the hard choice to cut ties with BSA on account of their new policy, the liberal media has transferred their accusations of bigotry and intolerance from the BSA to its outgoing members and sponsors. Even before making a final decision at this summer’s annual convention, the Southern Baptist Convention has come under attack by those on the left for indicating that they will recommend for its 47,000 churches to pull away from BSA.

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  • waterman

    It won’t be long and they will cave in and let faggot boy scout leaders in and they will be like a fat kid in a candy store just licking their chops and saying well what little boy candy am I going to have tonight.
    Would you put your child in that position. If you would then you are an idiot.

  • waterman

    i’m with ya man,………… what I can’t see, is how 2 men can corn-cobb each other in the ass and like it. You got to be a sicko………. the only thing I want to do with my ass is lay baby brown Obamas…….. they all look just like him.

    • Jackson_Howard

      So you are saying that, under the right conditions, you would perform homosexual acts? Right? you wanna corn-cob Obama in the ass? Right? That’s homosexual behavior, isn’t it.

      Now, are you still “in the closet”? should we “out” you?

      • waterman

        Baby brown obamas…………… they are little pieces of sh*t………….so are you speaking from experience……….are you a “corn-cobber”………………do you dream of corn-cobbing obama……… lets see…….Jackson Howard…….sounds like a faggot to me.

        • Jackson_Howard

          no, no, no, you are the one who said you wanted a corncob Obama, not me.

          You just can’t stand the idea that a black man is in the White House, and he’s not a servant of the president, he is the president. Get over it.

          The world is changing, this country is changing, and you are afraid. Just admit it, you are afraid of the changes.

          Your ideas are fading away as people of your generation slowly leave this world. Younger people do not think like you do. Get over it.

          The only way the Republican party can win is to gerrymander districts (the house is a good example) and stopping people from voting. Mainly stopping blacks from voting. Oh, and Latinos. Oh, and college students. Oh, and gays.

          Get over it, the world is changing, and you can’t accept it.

          • waterman

            Boy, you liberal retards are something else, I have never seen the likes.
            You negate everything that the lying, spying, commie does and all the scandals that he is directly involved in, and all you can come up with is “you don’t like him cause he’s black” man ain’t that original.
            He could just as easily be WHITE! his mom was a white, trailer trash, commie, “ho”. So, you are clearly an idiot, which most liberal retards are.
            What about Herman Cain, what about Allen West either one of those could have been president and I happen to support both of them and would vote for both of them and gladly call them my President. They would not do the things that obutthead and the rest of the liberal dems have done to destroy this country. I guess in your pathetic immoral world you would just love it if the U.S. was just rampant with corruption and unbridled sexual deviants raping children and having sex with dogs what-ever else they can poke.
            No rule of law, just everybody does what ever makes them feel good and teach your children to do the same, hell, someone like you would probably be teaching them the very things that are mentioned above, who cares “just do it” yea, some world you want, well you keep your change bubba, you can have it just not in the U.S. if that is the type of world you want, I’ll buy you a ticket to any place you want to go to live out your sorted immoral life, just as long as you leave this country and never show you sorry ass again.

          • Jackson_Howard

            hey Waterman,

            You really are an a$$ hole. You don’t agree with my opinion, and you don’t even want to let me talk. What country do you live in?

            See, the problem with you guys is that you never want to hear from anyone that doesn’t agree with you. Nobody else’s opinion counts unless they agree with you. So now, how would you ever find out if you were wrong? If everyone around you agrees with you.

            Remember Mitt Romney? He thought he was going to win the election right up until they called it for Obama. Because he only listened to people that agreed with him. He only talked to people that agreed with him.

            How could you possibly learn anything new about anything if the first thing you do is insult. Doesn’t make for pleasant conversation.

            Both of my daughters were honor students and have a higher paying job than I ever had .you don’t know me. All you know is some words I put down on the computer. You don’t agree with them, so you want me to leave the country. is that the America that my father fought for in World War II? I don’t think so?

            So grow up, stop insulting everything, and maybe listen to someone of a different opinion without wanting to smack them. Your attitude is disgraceful.

  • Retired vet

    Anything is possible past the LD but… I used to crew hogs myself as a door gunner … A Huey gunship (or hog) is a UH-1A or UH-1B or UH-1C. A UH-1D is a slick, not a hog and crews 4.

    1. What happened to the other 2 crew you never mentioned?

    2. If you get hosed by charlie and he is close you do not get away….especially over 7 k and if they were close enough to shoot at you after you went in….

    3. Searched the online war college records, there is no bronze star for valor as described above listed with your name attached as a participant, and your name would be listed in the citation or the description…

    4. Nobody goes from spec 5 to Sergeant First Class in one year and SFC is a DA centralized board that meets one time a year…

    5. The kinds of lines you are talking about never existed in the Nam.

    6. There was a Mike McKeown in the 258TH PSC from 66 to 68, he was a SP5.

    6. Did not see you listed on the VHPA, hope you know what that is……

  • cowboybobmt

    yeah that’s pretty much how it works sport…in any century. You knock yourself out…i will decline to participate. I hope they switch to a nice rainbow pattern for the uniforms…maybe with feather masks instead of neck scarfs.

  • Jackson_Howard

    Thank you for your service. And thank you for a thoughtful post. farrightextreme thinks it’s a fantasy. A closed mind if ever I saw one.
    A gay with a bronze star.
    Do you think any of the homophobes here would have refused to be rescued as you were, by a “faggot”? as someone here calls them?

  • Larry Pearson

    it is apparent the far left has never had any use for chritianity, especially evangelicals, much less the

    southern baptist convention. so let them rant. just because a wolf losses its teeth does not mean it has
    lost it voracious nature!

  • farrightextreme

    Nice fantasy.

  • Oh, and one more thing, vote with your feet. Anyone who is against this abomination doesn’t have to put up with it, take your kids out and don’t look back. Just because they can screw up the scouts doesn’t mean you have to take the BS! Molon Labe!

  • This has me speechless, I wonder are there any wholesome organizations left that the progs haven’t corrupted in some way? I may be considered selfish by a lot of people but this is one of the reasons I never had children in or out of wedlock! Molon Labe!

  • nancy miller

    It is long past time that the names and addresses of the people behind these actions are made public.

    If they truly believe in what they are doing, they shouldn’t mind being in the public eye, along with their own children, if they have any.

    Full page pictures and articles should be enough to start with.

    • Jackson_Howard

      Maybe we can publish the names and addresses of homophobes and bigots too. Your name and address could be at the top of the list. If you are proud of your views (from the 12th century) you wouldn’t mind them being published. We could put it on FOX to start with.

      • fsa0033

        Not scared of homosexuals, just don’t approve of what they do and how they do it. I totally disagree on their lifestyle and yet I’m supposed to accept it and support it. Sorry, I don’t. I don’t believe in it and don’t want anyone that practices it near my family to encourage such practices.

  • rchguns

    I find myself agreeing with these pastors in both advising people to pull their children are scouting and that the need would ever arise when this became necessary.
    Boy Scouts and scouting in general have been a part of my family for generations. The people who sold out the scattering traditions by jumping into the sewer should be ashamed of themselves. My kids went through Cub Scouts and then into the Boy Scouts. I feel that gave them a basis to grow on especially in our world as it is today.

    Boy Scouts of America is probably the largest organization of its kind at present. But I believe that there should be an alternative. A scouting program envisions it holds true to the values and traditions that were the Boy Scouts.

    Is there anything anymore that the perverts and social misfits will not attempt to destroy. I really don’t understand why people have to do this. If the perverts wanted to be scouts that the fund and organize their own chapters and making even have pink camouflage uniforms. Even have a merit badge for gender bending and cross-dressing. Or even a merit badge for how to walk in high heels shoes, put on your makeup, and be a drag tramp.

  • Jackson_Howard

    Boy, talk about being homophobic.

    All you people seem to be so unsure of your own sexuality that you are afraid that if you are introduced to a homosexual, stand near homosexual, talk to a homosexual, you will become a homosexual.

    Really, are you that unsure of your sexuality?

    Now really think about it, you think if you had a homosexual teacher in school you would become homosexual? That doesn’t make sense. You are just being afraid of something you know nothing about.

    Chances are you know people that are homosexual. They may not be openly homosexual, but they are homosexual. It’s not contagious.

    Rubbing two sticks together starts a fire, whether they are being rubbed together by a homosexual man or a straight man. The fire doesn’t care. And more than likely, your children do not care. They get their prejudices through you.

    • fsa0033

      This is not the case. I don’t think that and I don’t think any other Christian thinks that way either. Having a homosexual in the ranks of the BSA is not right due to beliefs that it is not right. A lot of homosexuals can’t help themselves or their urges to practice their beliefs. They prey on the young men and coerce others to practice and accept them. That’s the problem. What they are doing to the BSA is proof that they cannot stop themselves from forcing their beliefs upon others and to entice others to practice unChristian-like ways. So the prejudice is highly on the homosexuals. They are prejudiced against Christian ways, way of life, and moral ways. They can’t stand that we abhorr unnatural ways. Homosexuals are the most prejudiced people on this planet. They can’t stand morally sound Christians.

    • The issue is not that your cartoon reality exists. It actually does in very, very small groups. The rest of us know that not every homosexual adult is a pedophile. (However, if you have never spent time with younger gays, you may not know how heavily they apply pressure to others to join in. That will always be a hazard now.) The issue is that homosexual lifestyles are the opposite of what the BSA has stood for since its inception. Attend one campfire ceremony, one All Scouts Service or read the BSA handbook and you will notice that the Scouts teach the opposite of Liberalism/moral relativity. The reason it is so important for these little tiny groups to force their views on the rest of us is so they can gain some kind of legitimacy and then to water down the teachings of groups like the BSA. Since we have now entered the swamp of moral relativity, it is not possible to uphold the century of tradition and values that define the BSA. It is not an issue of bigotry, but of right to association, the right to a traditional philosophy of moral absolutes and self-preservation.

    • farrightextreme

      This is the most stupid reply you could think of. You wanted to insult the non-gay people here. All you did was make us shake our heads in disbelief. What a pitiful attack on people with morals.

      • Jackson_Howard

        So, you speak for everyone here? You can see them all shaking their heads?
        My reply was “stupid”? Really? The majority of AMERICANS agree with me, not you.
        You should come into the 21st century where science explains what happens in the brain. Your thinking is dying away as you bigots slowly age and fade away.
        Ask young people if they are afraid of gays. They OVERWHELMINGLY say no, they are not afraid of gays, in fact they know and associate with them. And guess what, they aren’t scared like you seem to be.
        Get your head out of the sand.
        I’m 62 years old and I learn from younger people all the time. They are the future, gay or staight.

        • stratman51

          Homophobic is a misnomer. No one is afraid of gays. We’re just sick of them “in our face”

    • Retired vet

      “Now really think about it, you think if you had a homosexual teacher in school you would become homosexual? ”

      Nope but when I went to high school I failed one class, as did every boy who took it for 3 years… That ended when the teacher was found in bed with a 15 year old female student…She was fired and sent to prison for rape and my parents got a notice that my academic record had been changed a year after I had joined the army.

      That low moral character thing…. You can not be gay and have a high moral value in those values as expressed in the 10 Commandments….

  • NRPax

    The LGBTOMGWTFBBQ community don’t really see this as a bad thing. As long as they get their way, their perfectly fine with the Boy Scouts losing membership and financial support. Gotta love that “tolerance at all costs” attitude.

    • They actually need to tear down institutions like this in order to gain normalcy.

  • waterman

    Strait people aren’t the bigots or the bullies, the faggots are. I can’t believe that 4% of the population could have that much pull an power, the only thing this proves is that most of our politicians are faggots too.

    • Jackson_Howard

      Faggots? wow, haven’t heard that one in a while.
      Are you scared that homosexuality is contagious? Some might rub off on you. Do you have homosexual urges that a gay man may bring out in you?
      Grow up. This ain’t the 12th century anymore.

      • Retired vet

        I am old enough to remember when the word gay had nothing to do with homosexual.

        Pull up a list of serial killers…..

        Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy – all gay… to save space statistically over half of all male serial killers are homosexual. This is also true for female serial killers…Magdalena Solis, Aileen Wuornos, Tyria Moore, Catherine Wood, Gwen Graham…They were all lesbians.

        Why do you think that over half of all serial killers are gay in population where even gay organizations conclude only 2% of the population is gay?

        50 times higher…..

        It’s simple… Loose moral values and a lack of one’s ability to control deviant urges make one homosexual. As one degenerates into the whatever makes one feel good way of life eventually one reaches the point of killing others for thrills and sexual gratification and one sticks with what they like….

        That is why gays at 2% of the population represent 50% of all known serial killers…

        We do not want that kind of risk or moral laxness in the Boy Scouts or our churches.

        You are right. It is not the 12th Century, the problem would have been solved already….

        If the Muslims take over in a few century’s the problem will be solved as well. They kill homosexuals on discovery as prescribed by their laws…..

  • FedupandReadytofight

    I don’t know where all this crap strarted, but to me, it became a real player when the girls integrated the Boys Club of America. This is just another step in the wrong direction, but a big step. So many of our young men, who later became great leaders, had a start in the Boy Scouts. So much for developing future leaders.

  • anarchyst

    Man-on-boy sexual “behavior” is predatory homosexual pedophilic conduct. Attempting to “sweeten” the term (and avoid offending homosexuals) by calling it “sexual child abuse” does NOTHING to put the blame where it really belongs. The Catholic priest and Penn state “sexual abuse” scandals were nothing more that predatory homosexual behavior that is standard fare for homosexuals. Ask any homosexual when they first knew they were homosexual and you will find that ALL of them were preyed upon as children by adult homosexuals . . .

    It is easier to look the other way when one sees acts of homosexuality or pedophilia because: there are now gay clubs in our high schools, “pride parade” photos in our media, Supreme Court decisions accepting homosexuality,
    open homosexuals allowed in our elite military, and a president (no capital “P”) who promotes the gay lifestyle and will not defend DOMA ( male and female marriage only) but endorses same gender marriage!

    • Jackson_Howard

      Whoa, how often do you witness acts of pedophilia? Do you report it? Oh no, you look the other way. Good example.

      • anarchyst

        One does not have to “witness” pedophilic acts to be aware that pedophilia leads to homosexuality. From hearing homosexuals “brag” about their underage “exploits” to being informed about homosexual “acts” being introduced to young boys (who have not yet achieved sexual maturity) one can deduce that much homosexuality is introduced as a “lifestyle” and not hereditary . . .

  • Well, it’s been teal quiet but the girl scouts are experiencing a similar problem. Being a christian, I can say I do not care what the MSM or gay groups say. They have no influence on me. I will continue to try to live by christian standards. My current concern is some of these public school districts or even state governments approving co-ed locker rooms and toilets for our young ones. These libs are bound and determined to negate the responsibilities of parents and indoctrinate our children away from us. This is not a good thing.

  • Our Gamehenge

    I was a Boy Scout for a few years during late 70’s in NY. We had a scout leader who hid his sexual appetite from everyone until he made advances on a few vulnerable kids. Word got out to the parents and the leader was literally ejected from the position. I remember the kids he sexually abused, they came from troubled families. After the incidents, those kids became either very angry and/or very quiet and withdrawn. I was 12-14, and really didn’t understand the implications of what had happened until this BS going on the past few months.

    I’m aware of what has happened to our Republic over the last handful of decades, it’s a sinister cancerous ideology.

  • MentorRes

    Lets all quit the scouts and form a new organization

  • dad666

    The left has this country so screwed up it is no longer funny. These Gay rights people are intruding on the majority to press for special treatment and consideration. It is our perogative to exclude you from our midst if we feel that you make us uncomfortable because of your right to choose your life style choices. That is our right, just as your choice is yours to make. We all must live with our choices. Get over it.

  • CajunPatriot

    The BSA will not only lose a huge number of scouts and scout masters, but they will lose support from numerous traditional places. Other youth oriented outdoors groups with high moral values (who stick to them rather than capitulate to the SADs (sexually aberrant deviants) will arise and fill the gap. I saw the BSA slip several decades ago when I noted one of the scout masters acted as if he was a flagrant SAD. I enquired. He was. Soon parents found out and withdrew their children and reported this to the local council. The council did nothing. Slipping into Sodom did not happen overnight but has been a “progressive” slippery slope.

  • Donro

    The next step by the nasty Boy Scouts of America ruling tribunal will be to allow openly homosexual/pedophiles become Boy Scout Troop leaders so they may prey on the children that have been put in their care just like the pedophilic Catholic priests who have made a habit of raping helpless children.

    This is just one more step in the Muslim/Communist plan to subvert and enslave Americans in the law run. Do not forget that every democracy has had a very limited lifetime of 250-300 years before it failed and then it rotted from within, not from without!

  • Refusal to shoot ones self in the foot is a sign of great common sense!

  • jd

    This is only the beginning of the downward spiral of immorality Our Great Nation faces as We wait for Divine Intervention to erase the evil entity which has slithered its way into Our government.The terrible truth is this abomination unto God is now destroying your childrens’ lives and any hope for a peaceful,loving society in their future.Evil hates good and will attempt to destroy it at every opportunity,this is its very nature.

  • Laura Hanjoglu-Goerke

    the ruling is for scouts only. Adult leaders can not be openly gay. The adults will have to ensure that the focus stays on scouting ;how to pitch a tent, use a compass, go on a hike etc. The boys will have to stay focused on tasks and not who is dating who. This new ruling is going to be a mess. :( Because the next arguement will be if boys can be openly gay then why not the leaders. Why not transgendered? why not girls and so on . I am glad my scout (who I guess now have to add is straight) is aging out.

    • Exactly how long will the activists let that stand? They have already declared that the adult status is next on their list. Having given way to moral relativism, the BSA has no principle to stand on and the adult rule will be relatively quickly changed. I would imagine the BSA leadership will stall long enough to stabilize the membership after this change before they try to do it again.

  • biggiewmn

    And now the Girl Scouts of America are so tied to Planned Parenthood, and other pro-abortion factions, that they too are lost. What is left for our kids? They need these kind of organizations that used to build character and teach morality. Where can they now turn? The Bible says that in the last days ole Satan will be like a hungry lion. And once all this starts, it is going to be picking up speed. We have just seen the beginning.

  • cowboybobmt

    The Boy Scouts of my youth is officially dead. Such a shame it’s come to this. This has been brewing ever so slowly over time. Wonder what merit badges they’ll have to offer now…transgender studies?Time for kids to get back outdoors without supervision and learn it for themselves…with their parents assistance hopefully. Like any big bureaucracy with a big budget too big to fail…you must remain PC to live in the pop culture part of the world.

    • We thin there should be a merit badge, “I Chose Hetero”. Maybe there should be one called “None of Your Business”?

      • cowboybobmt

        yes but….unfortunately, you are taking all these straight young minds and polluting it much too early with this nonsense. They hardly understand girls at these ages…now you expect them to understand this garbage…what a messed up place it will become. And yes, it’s a short step until the leaders are also gay transgender whatevers. what planet have i landed on?

        • Jackson_Howard

          So you really think that if you were exposed to homosexuality at an early age you would be homosexual now? Really? Is that how it works in the 12th century?

  • Debbiewa

    I don’t give a crap what the libtards think….This is WRONG to force this on the Boy Scouts….and they were sooo stupid to cave to them. NO MORE supporting them….And I hear the Girl Scouts are following suit….so HEY CAMPFIRE GIRLS….what about you? Is MINTS the only thing left to buy? Cause popcorn and cookies will go by the wayside for me. I used to be a den leader…I wouild have quit if this happened during my time on the job.

    • The Girl Scouts caved over a decade ago.

  • tmtlbmt

    The way I see it, the left has got what they really wanted.. They never wanted the BSA to exist in the first place – the BSA teaches biblical morality and Reverence among many other holsom character traits – things that the left can’t tolerate and allow to propagate. The left knew all along if they could cause the BSA to submit to their will even partially, they will have achieved their ultimate goal – the demise of the Boy Scouts of America. They knew that many of the supporting organizations/churches would pull their financial support. Causing the downfall of a marvelous organization.

    • Jackson_Howard

      So there is a conspiracy here. I knew it.

      • fixitcr63

        Geez, you’re right for once, yes there is a vast LEFT WING conspiracy to cut down every decent, God fearing American tradition, group, teaching, etc. It’s been going on for more years than I or you have been around and I don’t know if it will ever be possible to undo all the harm that has been done to our great country, but you can rest assured that come the 2016 elections, we’re going to have a new conservative president. He will make it his primary mission to get us back to where we were around the 2004/05 era. It may not have been perfect back then, but it was a hell of a lot better than it is today.

  • Do not think they are done with the BSA. The hate groups have publicly stated that they are going after adult leadership as well.

    Their twisted “logic” says that morally straight means not sexually active and the BSA is not distinguishing between sexuality of the homo- or heterosexual child. As much as I am shocked that the leadership has rationalized this new policy into being acceptable, I will not be pulling my youth out until our troop or crew has to face the issue. For us, it is a great opportunity to learn about moral relativity and what it means to sell out to be popular.

    How many kids a truly gay and not just lost in some experimental phase? Statistically, the number has to be barely measurable. On the upside, it might do some of these youngsters some good to understand that experimentation is not the same as a life sentence and the LDS troops will be gung ho in their proselytizing to turn these poor misled kids onto the straight and narrow.

    • DenverKitty

      Red, I don’t want to call you a fool…but….when your sons come to you and tell you that they’ve been molested…it will be too late for your kind of thinking.

      • I am not a fool, so relax, your decision to call me one means nothing.

        We have no evidence of homosexuality in our group. I am involved at the Crew level with one son and my husband at the Troop level with another, I am also active at Council level. I will likely be resigning that as I cannot access my moral relativity function to implement this policy. Our people were sent to vote against this hate group and their refusal to let us be. As long as I do not have to have my sons “exposed” on overnighters, I will not less these people’s insistence upon gaining some kind of “normalcy” dictate where I go and what I do. If people want to be gay, they need to be gay. They don’t get to call their abnormality normal. All the BSA memberships in the world will not change the aberration. If polite gay people want to come in (as they already are) who cares?

        At this point and for the near future, there is no opportunity for molestation that did not exist last month.

        I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see how the BSA is going to write up Youth Protection Training (YPT) in a way that will not result in lawsuits. This is going to be one quick decent from naive hopefulness down to just plain stupid.

        I have the feeling that my youngest will not be in long enough to make Eagle. We have just stuck him on a fast track and if we can keep things together for two years, he will be Eagle. Needless to say, there will be no Jambo or other national events for these guys unless one of us goes as the adult chaperone. If a molester wants access to my children, they already can get it at school or on the street. I have a little more faith than to cower in fear that a) every homosexual is a molester and b) molestation is eminent.

  • Bullrhider

    Given the age of boys who are involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, they shouldn’t even have a “sexual orientation”!

    • Golf4me

      How old do you think Boy Scouts are? The age can run from 12 to 18, and if you don’t think that
      a boy 15 or 16 isn’t thinking about sex you are wacko.

      • Bullrhider

        Boys can enter the Scouting program in first grade or at age seven, which ever comes first.
        This decision affects ALL levels of Scouting, starting with Tiger Cubs in first grade, then three or four years of Cub Scouts, etc. And I did not say that the older Scouts aren’t thinking about sex but that they should not have an active sexual orientation at that age.


    Of course every decent American must leave the Boy Scouts…They are finished…Nowhere in any of its precepts does it make room for the perversion of homosexuality…and it is an infectious disease at that. Morally straight does not include any perversions…You have killed the Boy Scouts of America..Happy now???

    • Jackson_Howard

      “an infectious disease”? What century do you live in?
      “Infectious disease”? I bet you have gay friends and you don’t even know it. They would be scared to admit it to you though, they would be scared of being burned at the stake.
      Was that 12th century thinking?

      • fixitcr63

        Yes, AN INFECTIOUS DESEASE!!, she meant just what she said. Homosexuality is a sickness, just like a bi-polar disorder or multiple personalities disorder or anyone of a dozen other deseases or sicknesses of the mind. They should be in treatment with a phyco-therapist, and a priest, pastor or rabbi, whatever their individual religious ilk might be, to get their mind straight and then to save their souls. You can flap your jaws all you want, but in the end, it’s a deal breaker as far as God is concerned. The one thing that God will absolutely not abide in His heaven, is SIN, period. And that’s what it is, SIN.

    • Jackson_Howard

      You are a girl, your thoughts don’t count in the BOY SCOUTS.
      Cruel, isn’t it.


  • ScotWarrior1066

    I was in BSA for over eleven years and as bad as I feel saying this, I urge all parents to pull their boys out of BSA. As a scout, Explorer and Assistant Scout Master, I know the living conditions of the boys when they go to summer camp, camp outs and Jamberees and having gay scouts and leaders is not a good healthy evvironmenr for any child. The change made by the BSA is in direct violation ofthe Scout Oath and cannot be tolerated bu anyone who takes the Scout Oath seriously. America has made a major slide away from God’s wishes and His word. For the salvation of the boys, please distance yourselves from BSA.

    • Yes. I am now going to have to quiz the groups on who is going to have access to my child at every out of Council event. (I know who is in our council). The people who think this is harmless are out of their minds. I spent about a decade in the gay community (not gay–just hung out with dear friends). I was college age and up. I know who I am and knew then. The pressure was intense and I eventually tired of it and moved on to other friends. Those who say that gays do not recruit are nuts. If I have a dollar for every time I heard “You are gay and you just don’t know it. She’s gay, she doesn’t know it yet.” I would be living in a mansion.”

      • Red – these people (gay’s) are sick, and they just don’t know it…

      • Kevin Stowell

        “Those who say that gays do not recruit are nuts. If I have a dollar for every time I heard “You are gay and you just don’t know it. She’s gay, she doesn’t know it yet.”
        Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

        • Does this mean you want to watch? 😉

          • Kevin Stowell

            Ha ha. Yeah, Red, that’s how that is. :o)

          • Life is pretty fun if one doesn’t run around afraid of everything.

    • It is NOT sliding away from GOD’s wishes; It is in defiance of GOD’s wishes! It is unfair what is being done to our children under the pretense of valuing differences! You live in sin or NOT!

  • stadalberts

    Starting with Obummer, the people and organizations {the left-wing ones} are well on their way to destroying our country. Maybe the end of the world IS on our doorstep already, and perhaps it will not be very long before the Good Lord smites this miserable world! We have left him behind, and he would certainly be justified in destroying his creation, which has tossed him aside…….

  • RoyG

    We live by example and the bsa has turned its back to god to embrace the world.. sorry the msm dosent get it but like the saying goes… Sticks and stones….
    Its funny the media calls us names and puts us down because we live by a godly standard and yet they have no tolerance for christanity.. i do believe its because christanity has morals that they live against and they have to face themselves in the mirror everyday..
    No worries tho god is stronger
    than the world

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Have you heard of the Royal Scouts(The Assemblies of God have a Scouting Org. probably named after that fact that Christians are referred to as King and Priests). Maybe the Church supported scouts can join the Assemblies of God scouting organization, thus embarrassing the BSA. You and I know the founder would be turning over in his grave if he saw what the American Branch of Scouting is doing. Anyway, can they still call it the Boy Scout of America after this?>

  • TheSunDidIt

    The liberals can go stuff themselves. I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Webelo and served as an adult advisor while in the military. I made Eagle and was in the Order of the Arrow. I will NEVER endorse this perverted organization again. I will never again encourage a young man to learn ANYTHING from “scouting”. Better off just reading a book than learning anything from this corrupt organization.

    • hmmmmm

      And thats the sad part that boys will not have the chance to learn to be men with the benefits of scouting.

  • bpf53

    The Sodomites are winning the War since the majority of Americans are secular and do not care about morals or the basic laws God placed on mankind. Like Satan man believes himself a god and feel they have to answer to anyone for the depraved lifestyles that we now see, but they will soon “Reap what they have sowed” like it or not!

  • peoplectr

    Bottom line…………..We don’t put a 12 y/o girl and a 12 y/o boy in the same tent, restroom, and showers. A 12 y/o gay male will see a 12 y/o male in the same eyes as a 12y/o girl would. We should not put these children in such a bad situation

    • The Youth Protection rules will have to be rewritten and this will get very complicated. Under current standards, there is no way a gay kid can be put with a straight kid. How can the gay kid not feel ostracized? How can a straight kid be put into a tent with a gay one? They cannot without further violation of current Scout code.