Brotherly love, union style: Philadelphia a hotbed for beat downs and violence


PHILADELPHIA – Cases of union embezzlement, violence and intimidation certainly aren’t isolated to our nation’s public schools. Unions in many industries throughout our nation and the world readily employ thuggery to get their way.

A hotbed for union beat downs apparently is Philadelphia.

National Review reported that between 1974 and 2009, 143 incidents of union violence were reported by local media outlets, the National Right to Work Committee found.

“It’s a grim roster that includes an unsuccessful murder attempt; a janitor losing an eye during a protest; the firebombing of company property; countless tires slashed; and business owners being threatened with a gun and with knives,” National Review’s story said.

philly-goon-cityThe NRTWC estimated that for every union violence story reported by the media, 10 go unreported. That equates to 45 incidents per year – just in the city of so-called brotherly love.

Will that stat be taught during California’ Labor History Month?

National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior told this story of an unidentified engineer at a construction site:

The engineer’s wife caught his brutal beating on camera.

Just seconds before, the couple had arrived at the open-shop construction site in downtown Philadelphia, walking past the cluster of union protesters who had congregated outside the fence.

As the engineer tried to enter the site through a tiny gap between a chain-link fence and a stone wall, the protesters rushed him, pressing the fence against his body and pinning him. The engineer shouted out, then howled, clutching the fence with both hands. His cries grew hysterical as he thrashed, first trying to escape, and then simply trying to shield himself. When the aggressors finally relented, he crumpled to the ground and passed out.

“It was terrifying,” the engineer tells me, asking to remain unnamed for fear of union retaliation. “I was concerned that if they pushed a little harder, my head would be crushed. Even after I was on the ground the Civil Affairs cop came up. Who knows what they would have done if he hadn’t been there?”

The engineer’s assault was caught on tape. But despite being charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment of another person, and conspiracy simple assault, two union members, Ryan P. Stewart and Philip J. Garraty, each got off with a $200.50 fine and 18 hours of community service.

This type of thing is not uncommon in the world of organized labor. If public schools are going to teach the history of the labor movement, as they’re doing this month in California, the ugly aspects should not be ignored.

Unless, of course, California’s union teachers want to give their students a falsely positive impression of unions. You don’t suppose they would do that, do you?

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  • mattogilvie55

    Hey Stewart and Garrity…why don’t you two sniveling America-haters come to Georgia and try that?

    • violater1

      I am with you matt! I however over 20 years ago experieced an individual in Florida! I will call him PJ and he was from Georgia and was a union Rep! One night at a local meeting over some contriversial issues PJ and his union girl friend actually brought a gun to the meeting! When I and others discovered this we invited them to leave the meeting and return to union hall headquarters we later reported this to the business manager that did absolutely nothing about it! This was the beginning of the end for me and union thuggery association!

  • bahndon

    Unions support the corrupt Obama administration, they get a free pass, just like the new black panthers do at voting poles.

  • HorseTeethSam

    When I was a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s I had to listen to my dad go on and on and on about the wonders of the union, how great was the union, that we had to buy only union, how he’d gladly die for the union if they asked him, blah blah blah… Here ya go, dad…

  • Kent2012

    More kenyan boy supporters

  • steveindajeep

    Philadelphia is and will forever be one of the most corrupt municipalities in the country. Due to them being union/democratic party controlled. No way of getting around it or saying it in any touchy feely way.

  • All 3 videos of the incident on Youtube don’t show, but show a “This video unavailable” message. Blocked by pro-union forces? (now why in the world would we suspect such a thing?)