Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


HEY OBAMA!! Do you get it now!? Do I need to draw you a picture? People are trying to KILL Americans. Buddhist, no. Hindu, no. Christians, no.

Islamic Terrorist! Say it with me  IS-lam- ic  Ter-ror-ist.

These people are screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Honestly Barack, if people were trying to kill me, believe me brother I would be calling them a lot worse then what they are, and for some reason you can’t even do that much.

If you have any questions afterwards give me a call and I will explain it again.

H/T  Gateway Pundit.

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  • After 9/11 and up to Jan 20, 2009 we had no more terror attacks. Since Jan 20, 2009, we have had 5 terror attacks. It’s simple to see who’s side Obummer in on.

  • seems the line has been drawn. sad.

  • leefromok

    Islam is just a tool used by the globalists/elites/new world order people to bring the world down and replace all religions with a one-world religion.
    Can you guess what happens to you if you refuse?

  • Hell, obummer is moving these terrorists into the whitehouse for Christs sake, when are real Americans going to stand up and SHOUT enough is enough! I will NOT be subserviant to these muslim bastards!

  • VeeDub57

    (No caps are intentional when referring to pagans)

    allahu akbar does NOT (I repeat NOT) mean “God is great”. It means “allah is greater”.

    Who is allah greater than? Other pagan “gods”. . allah is not in any way associated with the Christian God.

    allah came to “be” in the time of pagans, who believed in many “gods”, like the Greeks. Therefore they assigned him the title of “the greatest” of their “gods”, just as the Greeks had Zeus.

    There is NO evidence to associate the pagan allah, with the one true Christian God. It’s politically correct propaganda that has been fed to the ignorant, and forced on us by those with an islamic agenda.

    In pre-Islamic Arabia, allah was used by Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly their supreme deity. allah was not considered the sole divinity; however, allah was considered the creator of the world and the giver of rain. allah was associated with companions, whom pre-islamic Arabs considered as subordinate deities.

    • Maline

      Idiot. Allah & the “Christian God” are one and the same … clue, they are both Abrahamic religions.

      • VeeDub57

        WRONG! I’d ask you to prove it, but we both know you can’t!

        But it’s nice to see you are able to carry on an intelligent conversation without name calling. Oh wait! You did, never mind. Now anything you post is just going to be taken with a grain of sand.

        Allah is the short form of Alilah: Al / il / ah, means [The god ascends.] Alilah was a Pagan sun god. Alilah is the phase of the morning sun. (Facing East and praying give any clues?) Because Mohammad was not a prophet, he did not know the name of the God of Abraham. Gods personal name is written on an ancient piece of stone found in Arabia. There was a time when the Arabs knew God’s name as Yahwah. But that was before God’s name was cursed by the Arabs, and not to ever again be spoken. The Arabs began worshiping other gods when Yahwah would not curse the Jews for them.

        “Because Mohammad was not a prophet, he did not know the name of the God of Abraham.”

        • Maline

          Stupid comment as it is impossible to PROVE the existance of any god. As far as the common ground of Christianity, Juadism and Islam then here’s an easy start for you …. and there is plenty of other sources for those we are not blind:

          BTW if you wish to reference pagan links to religions then maybe start with Easter.

          • VeeDub57

            Ok brainiac, go back and read what I wrote. Did I say anyone could prove the existence of any God? NO I DIDN’T. I wrote ” I’d ask you to prove it, but we both know you can’t!”

            Soooo YOU gave a stupid response the proves what I wrote.
            YOU can’t prove it!
            Just as nobody can prove the existence of the Christian God. I never wrote anyone could!

          • Maline

            The standard of English in your posts is very low, which must reflect either a lack of intellegence or education, and consequently it is understandable that people do not fully understand you.

            One way of improving your English is reading. You could start with the article for which I gave you the link; this notes the common ground of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Afterwards you can read about the pagan roots of Easter, which I previously noted because of your concern of such heritage of Abrahamic religons; here’s one to start:

          • VeeDub57

            First; I’m not “English”. I’m an American. I see no need to bother with spelling or grammatical errors, when it will be lost on one, such as yourself, who will never understand anything other than what you’ve been told by your “people”.

            Second; I was a combat controller in the Air Force, and my communication skills were sufficient enough to direct the ground fire and aircraft in for bombing runs on your muslim kin. I also have two masters degrees, so there must be some reading skills there. What do you have, reading the quran 101?

            Third; Just because a muslim fanatic has trouble understanding what I write, that does not indicate a low standard on my part. Perhaps the low standard is in your comprehension skills!

            A good place for YOU to start, would be for you to close your eyes, pucker up and place a kiss where you muslim men are fond of going.

          • VeeDub57

            Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
            A. Bisexual.

            Q. How do Muslims practice safe sex?
            A. They mark the camels that kick.

            Q. What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?
            A. Nothing, yet.

            Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
            A. A pimp.

            Q. whats the difference between a truck full of dead Muslim babies and a truck full of bowling balls?
            A. The bowling bowls are hard to pick up with a pitchfork.

            Q: How do you tell a Sunni from a Shiite?
            A: The Sunnis are the ones with the Shiite blown out of them.

            Q. What’s the hardest part about a Muslim killing his own daughter?
            A. Suppressing the erection.

      • VeeDub57
  • notislam

    I have really hated having an ISLAMIST for pres. I can tell from his never ending stream of lies he’s with the Arabs who use our taxes to finance their terrorists (what ever the group they all have the same goal).
    I do not parse with it either. Anyone who follows islam is with the enemy-Sharia-Wahhabi-
    It is a culture that does not belong here. It is a enemy culture TO KILL THE infidel. They who believe the lie of islam do not belong here! Same goes for the traitor in the white-h. He doesn’t belong here as he lies & lies & lies etc etc!

  • Jarhead6541

    Word for word from the Koran: “And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them”. The ultimate goal for Muslims is for the entire world to be under Sharia Law. That’s THE objective! GET IT!?

  • yes, we are mad…MAD

  • he is one so why should he do anything but help them.

  • I hope she gets her wish.

  • Albert Maslar

    The country is infected with anything non-Christian and Islam fits the bill perfectly

  • CNN had some nerve to put this out. Where is CAIR to defend the “inaccurate portrayal” of the Islamic militants?

  • samantha

    For the protection of all U.S. Citizens, all Muslims, even if they themselves are U.S. citizens, must be sent out of the country. There are Muslim families here having lots of kids, flying below the radar, just laying in wait till they get enough votes to vote their ‘dictator’ in. . .

    • Sorry Samantha, He is already here. He is going to do everything in the next three years to see that he can run for election again or have us in a world war so we can’t vote for a new president.

    • Samantha Youre 100% right. I believe all muslims should be given 30 days to get out of the US then shoot any remaining. THE ONLY GOOD MUSLIM IS A DEAD ONE.

    • notislam

      Remember Spain did it .

      • 14Words

        Yeah! And just like the Spaniards did we should then move on to the hebes

  • so CNN would limit my rights of speech if it not meet their requirements? LOL however on this subject it should be obvious we as a nation are in rapid decline.

  • Allen Morgan

    Since 9-11 there have been over 9000 terrorist attacks. All 9000 plus terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. No Buddhists (in fact Buddhist men were violently raped by Muslim men and some killed) committed these acts of terrorism. No Christian acts of terrorism. All Muslim terrorists, killing innocent people.

    We have opened our country to welcome Muslims. In the case of the latest Muslim terrorist, he and his family were on welfare so we supported terrorism with our tax money. Our money purchased the pressure cookers and the bomb making materials. Our money supported he and his moron coward brother who killed and maimed Americans.

    • It is so sad to watch this country and its citizens being attacked by these terrorists over and over again and our government not doing anything about it. In fact they have a problem een admitting that these attacks are Muslim terrorists. This is shameful….. It is disgraceful that the government allows our citizens to be killed and mamed and this violence continuing on a fairly regular basis. This all setms back to securing our borders and screening non citizens who enter and live in our country. We are being set up for disaster by our own government.

      • American Veteran

        Absolutely! And Obama Is Helping them destroy us like Gutting a Fish,And we are too stupid like sheep letting him get away with it..When are We going to Say Enough And do something about OBAMA-IMPEACH HIM!!!

      • Always_RIGHT2

        I’m on your side. But sarcastically, I’ll say “doing nothing about it?” – Obama gave billions to Muslim Brotherhood Corsi in the form of 200 tanks and 24 F16 planes! He’s doing something – he’s arming them, so they can go from pressure cookers to F16s and tanks!
        I agree with you 100%. Don’t you feel like someone back in the 1940’s who understood what Hitler was going to do, yet couldn’t do anything about it? That’s how I feel. I know liberals hate when a comparison to Hitler is made but… Hitler “only” murdered 10+ million people. Obama, if his plan is carried out, will be responsible for the demise of an entire nation of 300+ million people, people whose ancestors founded the once-greatest nation on earth – and on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES!!!
        As much as I put the blame square on the shoulders of liberals, the RINOs are not blameless. Everyone in congress has violated the oath they took to defend the constitution. Obama is a fraud, he’s appointed a managerie of communists, socialists, marxists, and terrorists to czar positions and other positions in our govt. It’s pathetic. John Kerry as SOS? OMG! He’s got tax cheats in treasury. Everyone he’s associated with has a rap sheet a few feet long!

    • And the Islamists think we are fools because it is a point of pride for them to have the enemy support the terrorist efforts.

      • notislam

        So does the con-job in the white-house ~!

        • Every Middle East policy this man has implemented has benefited the Islamists. That means that reasonable people are being subjugated and slaughtered because our country is helping oppressive regimes to take all the marbles.

    • taliesin319

      There have been exactly 20, 701 and counting and that does not count honor killings. The killings can be laid squarely at the door of bloody jihad. Not lawfare jihad or genetic jihad. Bloody jihad.
      The FBI, local police departments particularly in liberal areas have been told to shut up and don’t warn the people they are being targeted everywgere these miscreants worship. Obama doesn’t care and he and his minions will protect them no matter who buys the farm at their hands. No wonder Obama hates the second Amenndment. The MSM refuse to report any kind of story
      that brings attention to this. We have no free press. We have ovomits propaganda wing.

    • notislam

      The mother will not return because she is wanted on shoplifting charges. Good riddance !

    • Always_RIGHT2

      I am not doubting your stats, but could you provide a source for that 9000 number? I’m only asking because I want to repeat it and sometimes I’m asked “where’d you get that?” and I sound discredited if I say I read it on a message board!
      In a related stat, I think it was Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly said this week that 80-90% of all acts of terrorism committed in the world are committed by Islamic Terrorists/Radicals. I’m not saying that conflicts your number, I just thought I’d share!

      • Maline

        Like Bill O’Reilly is a reliable source

        • VeeDub57

          Mr. O’Reilly is much more reliable than the muslim terrorist sources you’re using! You post information as “fact’, yet you seem completely unable to provide a reference for any of your drivel supporting your pagan “religion”.

          • Maline

            And what muslim terrorist sources are these? And what pagan religion do I follow?

          • VeeDub57

            You tell us, you’re the one posting stuff as fact without a reference. You’re the one defending the pagan “god” allah and his so called “religion” of peace.

            What a joke!!!

          • Maline

            You stated I was using “muslim terrorist sources” – please advise what these sources are.

            You stated “your pagan ‘religion'” – please advise which religion you consider that I follow.

            You stated “without reference” – I quoted references before this statement.

    • Maline

      Since 9-11 the USA has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent muslims

      • American_Gram

        Not as deliberate acts of terrorism! The intention of the wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) was to help the oppressed Muslims to be free of the oppressor Muslims. I don’t know the numbers of either innocent Muslims, innocent American troops, or guilty oppressor Muslims.

        • VeeDub57

          The number of muslims killed by the USA, “innocent” or otherwise, does not add up to Maline’s unsubstantiated claim of “hundreds of thousands”. There is no evidence to back that bogus assertion up.

          • American_Gram

            I too would like proof of hundreds of thousands – maybe some of them were exterminated by Sadam? VeeDub – PHS 74/5?

          • Maline

            Unsubstantiated? How about The Lancet? See:

          • VeeDub57

            Nice try, but that dog won’t hunt.

            First; The survey clearly states on page 2 “Both surveys used standard methods for ESTIMATING deaths in conflict situations, using population-based methods.”

            “Estimating… Basically the same as GUESSING!

            Second; There is absolutely no differentiation between “innocent” deaths and “terrorist” deaths. Any muslim with a gun, IED, or other instrument of war CANNOT be considered “innocent” by any stretch of the imagination.

          • VeeDub57

            The survey clearly states on page 4 “As the war has continued Unabated and as SECTARIAN VIOLENCE has escalated,”

            “Sectarian violence”… Basically Muslims doing what they do best, kill each other.

            The survey clearly states on page 6 “The death rate is made up of ALL the deaths from ALL CAUSES is called the crude death rate.”

            “ALL causes… Basically anything and everything, not limited to the war or Americans!

          • VeeDub57

            “Gunfire remains the most common reason for death, though deaths from car bombings have increased from 2005.” The only people we know using carbombs are the muslims!
            “Deaths from non-violent causes have increased for 2005 and 2006 suggesting a trend in deaths due to deterioration in health services and the environment health threats, as well as decreasing access to health services.” I don’t think soldiers shooting someone would be considered “non-violent”… do you?

          • Maline

            I assume you have read the article from a highly respected journal.

            If so, I can only assume you now recognise that the US led invasion of Iraq has resulted in, as originally stated, hundred of thousands of deaths.

          • VeeDub57

            Again nice try. You are right, you ASSume. Your original comment was “Since 9-11 the USA has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent muslims”.

            You cannot prove, nor did the site you gave, offer proof of how many of those killed were “INNOCENT”, and how many were muslims terrorists, or how many died from other causes.

            Now don’t change the words to try and make a bogus point. You now write; ” as originally stated, hundred of thousands of deaths.” Conveniently leaving out the word “innocent”. Typical of your ilk.
            Your “reliable” source even admits in it’s paper that the numbers are ESTIMATES AND THAT THE NUMBERS INCUDE DEATHS FROM ALL SOURCES. That means, traffic accidents, heart attacks, and EVERY other normal cause of death. You’ve proven nothing!

        • Stan Hope

          Innocent American troops? Bullshit, they invaded another country and so are guilty not innocent

      • VeeDub57

        Please provide a reference to prove what you posted isn’t total BS! Where are the news stories documenting even thousands of “innocent” muslims have been killed by the USA, not to mention your TOTALLY BOGUS claim of “hundreds of thousands”.
        You do have proof don’t you?

    • leefromok

      During the relief effort in Haiti there were report of men being raped.
      I couldn’t understand that until I watched this video.
      (Search YouTube) Ann Barnhardt – Islamic hatred of women has led to rampant homosexuality (8 of 13)

  • gamer2012

    This is past the point of popular argument or debate. We have two sides now in this country: those who want to defend this nation from the abomination that is Islam and those who are helping the Muslims take over.