The Pussification of America



Life in the real world is a stone-cold bitch, sometimes. Just ask President Obama, who got played in public the other day by the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi knows a little bit about what it takes to navigate the reality of a tough, dishonest and sometimes brutal world. So standing up at a press conference with a not so friendly U.S. President and the world watching, he just smiles and thanks his counterpart for agreeing with him on how to do battle going forward. Even though he doesn’t.

I had to chuckle while Mr. Netanyahu put words into Barack Obama’s mouth, and President Obama could only cringe through a phony smile while he’s getting owned by a veteran. Mr. Netanyahu is in charge of making his people safe and my guess is he spends every waking hour working to that end. President Obama? Not so much… The spectacle of watching our incompetent “leader” stand there with his arrogant words and posture made me think of how difficult this world must be, with so many points of view and so many people out there that want what we have.

They’ll kill us to get it. Bibi knows that, but I wonder if our kids will?

Then along comes this story out of Boston: The principle at Ipswich Middle School has taken it upon himself to cancel honors night, because it might hurt the feeling of kids who didn’t make the cut. Are you nuts? Principal David Fabrizio (sounds like some sort of laundry softener) says that although it may be devastating to the kids who worked their asses off to become honor students, the little kittens who tried and failed could be further humiliated at the horror of seeing the winners being acknowledged for their achievement.

You know why this is double stupid? Because the very kids that Mr. Fabreeze is trying to save from having nightmares are learning that trying is enough, and succeeding warrants no further accolade. This is a small microcosm of the new America in general where if you work hard, you can succeed, just don’t ask to be noticed. Not anymore. What are we teaching our kids – or better yet – what are we not teaching our kids? The answer: Reality.

I call it the “pussification” of America.

Work your hardest… But just remember, not everyone grows up to be a rocket scientist.  The world needs plumbers too, and there is no shame in that. But most importantly, when you get out in the big bad world – there will be Chinese kids, Indian kids, Israeli kids and even Canadian kids who will be waiting to own you, because you never learned to not just try, but to win.

Some folks might think I’m calling Barack Obama a loser, or saying he’s somebody who didn’t learn how to win – but I’m not. On the contrary, he was taught how to win and win big. I was just enjoying watching him get challenged by the Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli press – something Barack is not used to. My question is why are we teaching our kids to be a bunch of spineless Glee fans, when the world that awaits them is less safe and more treacherous than ever? What are they going to do when they get to high school and are confronted with the kids who live on the other side of the tracks? How about their first job, having to go up against the top salesman from their competition? Will they even know the word, “competition?” I only hope they end up in the military where a young person can be trained for reality.

Back to Fab & the Pussycats: The Ipswich Principal also said he decided to drop Honors Night because “academic success can be influenced by the amount of support a student receives at home and not all students receive the same level of emotional and academic support at home.” Geez, no kidding Principal Fabulous? And here I thought every child had a daddy and a mommy and got all the attention they needed? That explains all the kids with the piercing’s, purple hair and tattoos just above the young ladies’ butt cracks, doesn’t it?

Honoring kids who get a 4.0 grade average is designed to make them all shoot for the sky, regardless of their home situation, and what you’re doing is giving the kids who get less help at home a built-in excuse. A reason to fail. “Hey kid, sure, you’re a dumbass at age 35 now – but it isn’t your fault. I’d like fries with that.”


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  • SoPriMa

    I bet many don’t know how much is actually spent on education per student. While we spend about $9000 per student per year, special needs children (learning disability, downs syndrome, etc) consume almost $35,000 every year. Much of which will never be recouped because of their lack of productivity unto society. Apparently feeling good is what matters, not actually doing anything worthwhile.
    Sad sad sad

  • Autumn Rain

    The title is crap. Should be called “Ballification” of America. Balls are wimpy and too sensitive. A P*ssy is tough and passes a giant baby through it. That’s real strength. Kicking a woman in the crotch won’t send her down crying. Kicking a man in the crotch sends him down crying like a baby. 😉

  • Berzrkr50

    And it’s these same medicated kids that are usually responsible for the mass shootings that occur…

  • Sarjenka

    Nice try, Joe, passing off your straight-guy misogyny of all things (and people) feminine as some kind of political insight. Ignorant, swaggering, s**t-talking, head-shaving straight guys like you are precisely why I changed my gender to female and have been taking estrogen for two years in the hopes of having my testicles cut off soon. I hope to live in a world where Honors night is every night, but Football and other violent rage-sports have no place in public schools. The only purpose is so that pushy, arrogant, domineering fathers can have their male children brutalized in a socially acceptable manner, in the vain and fervent hope that if they beat them until they can’t feel anything any more, they somehow “won’t turn out to be gay”. Femininity is Beautiful, and arrogant machismo is repulsive… but don’t think that means I won’t cut some mother f***er if he has a problem with my gender because males that fight like animals can get cut like animals, and I am one Angry B*tch. Joe says: “There’s a cold, cruel world out there… of people who want to KILL us to take what we have…” I guess Americans would know all about that, since of course they murdered all the Native Americans, and took what THEY had. (And just like the Israelis are still killing the Palestinians, and illegally taking THEIR land, while their pathetic American allies stand by and watch with their hands in their pants.) By your logic, the white people “won” so that justifies all the atrocities they have committed. Might makes Right, then, Joe? History is written by the perpetrators of genocide. But of course, it’s America über älles, with an angry, confrontational straight guy at the helm. You Disgust me, Joe. Please, please, let me save up the money to have myself castrated soon, so the people in this world will no longer mistake me for a crude, ignorant Man. I am Better than this, thank Goddess!

    • plumberskid

      PMSing today, sweetie? Have some chocolate, you’ll feel better.

      • Michael Greer

        PMSing!!!! Bahahahahahahaha…Good one!!

    • Anonymous

      Gee sis, you sound angry. You angry, sis? You should double up on the estrogen shots.

      Just sayin…

      • Ken

        Na, “its” just butt hurt from a long night of partying in S.F.

  • Neal Avery

    When Obama was in the Choom Gang, Bibi was in uniform in combat for his country. So was Putin. It is kind of a mismatch.

  • john4637

    Remember BIbi grew up and went to school just outside of Philly, he had to be street wise and know how to use his hands for more than boxing cookies, if you know what I mean!!

  • anarchyst

    Thank the government school systems for (mis)medicating our young males because their are “fidgety” and “won’t sit still” in class.
    Boys are expected to act like girls AND ARE “MEDICATED” if they don’t. Quite often, the medications are worse than the “problem”.
    Medications are given for the convenience of the teacher–nothing else. . .

  • Luzmark1

    I take offense at the title Pussification of America. There is no sin in being female. Using pussy is a derogatory term and God cannot bless it. The title should go something like, There is no Crime in Being Number One or Being Number 10 in competition. With being number 1 there is more responsibility to lead, with being number 10 there is more responsibility to follow. That’s how animal groups survive by having a pecking order, with challenges to it on a regular basis. The title could also say, Lack of Wisdom Shown by those in Leadership Positions.

    • disqus_0dtFHIbOOR

      Luzmark1-you just can not call a spade a spade! To much political correctness,and you are a pussy not to see it, and do something about it! Look what is happening in this country,QUEERS IN BOYSCOUTS! WHAT IS NEXT?

      • Luzmark1

        I will do something about it but I will not give someone who is wrong an honor of being something that is amoral and natural. It makes you sound a bit dumb and unchristian And by the way what are you doing about the HOMOSEXUAL’S IN THE BOYSCOUTS?

        • Ray_Downen

          What can non-members do about it? I WAS a Scout long years ago. I am not now a Boy Scout. I know of nothing I can do about decisions made by Scout leaders.

    • Whackajig

      Take offense at what you will, pussification refers to the feminizing of our male population. Men should not emulate the female characteristics like the homosexuals do. Men should be men, act like men, be strong and fart whenever they wish.

      • Luzmark1

        Yeah and some women got balls! Thanks for clarifying that.

      • Jess

        What does this article have to do with the “feminization” of males? This article seems to be about not being recognized for hard work and people not being pushed to work harder because it might make some of them feel bad. That is not a man or woman thing. Don’t be a sexist dick face please. Everybody farts by the way-that is not an intelligent argument.

  • Heather

    “Support from home”?? I would like to inform Mr. Fabrizio of one thing: I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA while living out of my car. I didn’t get much sleep that year because if I wasn’t in school, I was working or studying, or both. Someone had to pay for my food, my class ring, my cap & gown. I left no room for excuses- if I failed, it was my responsibility to make it right. At the end of the day, whether I had familial support or not, I wanted to make Myself proud. What Fabrizio did takes away from kids out there that worked their butts off, through adversity, & still made it happen. On a positive note, love your posts Joe. America needs more people with your ideals.

  • Will

    Hey Joe, I think you need to re-read that story about the Ipswich High. They changed the event from a night , where only the honor students would attend, to a daytime event, attended by all the school students. The entire school would see the top performers honored. Good. Some Recognition.

    • Ray_Downen

      All I saw was that the principal decided to not honor the honorees so that others wouldn’t feel slighted.

      • IndependentPhotoGuy

        you need to read further.
        The night time event is now a day time assembly that includes all the students..
        All the students who excell will be honored.
        They WILL be honored in front of the entire student body.
        This will hurt more feelings – since they will see all the kids who did do well – and they will show kids what it’s like to be honored for working hard.
        this article is a non-story because someone doesn’t have an attention span long enough to read the entire story they were trying to smear.

        • Ray_Downen

          If photoguy is correct, the story has a happy ending.

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            If I’m right?
            Are you telling us that you did not bother to read the article? or that you cannot read?

          • Ray_Downen

            I read the article and didn’t find in it what you say it said. The conclusion is: “The Ipswich Principal also said he decided to drop Honors Night because “academic success can be influenced by the amount of support a student receives at home and not all students receive the same level of emotional and academic support at home.” My comment is in reference to what was in the article here printed. You say there’s more to the story. As far as what is here reported, you’re just making up the “rest of the story.”

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            I am NOT making up the rest of the story. I did make the assumption that you might be able to read more than just this single article. JoeW is a bit of a dim bulb and not one to get the entire story – or to get it correct.

            Google this story (Ipswich Honors night …) and there will be a selection of articles to pick from – pick a local paper and read the entire article. Call the school if you really want to and then ask them what happened.

            Honors night which included only the honor students was canceled AND IN ITS PLACE they held an assembly that included ALL the kids in the high school – Not just the honors kids.

            Here is one link:

            From your first response I had assumed that you read This article, but not other articles about this. Now, it appears that you did not finish this article before you got upset. Just because you don’t know about something does not mean it does not exist.

          • Ray_Downen

            Guy, this school administrator decided to not honor those who had worked hard and done well in school (period). Did you assume he honored the honorees during the all-school gathering? That’s NOT what the article says. He wanted no special appreciation to go to those who had studied and worked hard and earned special appreciation. All the students were welcome to attend the meeting which the administrator cancelled. None were excluded. But recognition was to be given to those who had excelled.

            And this school administrator felt that wasn’t fair to those who had coasted and not worked hard and had not done well in their classes. So he held an all-school assembly and did what? It’s not stated. It’s only stated that he felt it not fair to the slackers to honor the ones who had earned special recognition. SO HE DIDN’T HONOR the honorees.

            I understand you to be thinking that in the all-school gathering he honored the honorees. What the article clearly says is that he did NOT do so.

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            Okay, I can understand that if this was the ONLY article reporting this story you would be correct – according to the article. However, I provided link to another article that included a video interview with the principal. In that interview HE STATED that the evening event that he cancelled was for the honor students and thier families ONLY. THE EVENING EVENT DID NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. He changed the event to the assembly during school so THAT ALL STUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL COULD ATTEND AND SEE THE STUDENTS BEING HONORED.
            I understand that you read this article – But, I read more articles and I watched the interview. JoeW obviously did not want to find out the truth because then there would be no story to get upset about.
            Read another article – WATCH THE INTERVIEW – then maybe you will see this is a non story.

  • tim

    Thanks Joe for expressing your thoughts, it is the only way we can
    start to try and make a difference.We all have the ability to be a
    jackass, some more often than others. The solution to problems created
    by jkss is to counter them, not by just words, but actions. In the case
    of Prince Fab, the parents of all the honor students should band
    together and have their own celebration. Inviting not just the school
    students, principal, and teachers, but the entire town, and local press.
    Hold it at the local park or ball field if necessary, have bake sales
    or car washes to raise money and promote it. They could also include the
    other schools in the district if they need more support. There are
    always solutions, it takes more than words.

    The concept
    of celebrating achievement has more benefit for those striving to reach
    higher, than to those that receive the awards, at least that is how I
    perceive it.

    It is a fact after all that some achievers once they
    get to the top of their profession and are lauded with praise, or money,
    or fame, lose their edge, so to speak. That would include business
    people, sports figures,

    actors and even politicians. As a
    matter of fact look what has happened to President Obama, since
    receiving the Nobel Peace prize, he has gotten America involved in 6
    more wars.

    On second thought, maybe Prince Fab has the
    right idea, stop celebrating achievers and maybe create World Peace at
    the same time, who’d of thunk it!


    • IndependentPhotoGuy

      wow! 6 more wars? where?

      read the article about Ipswich High school. In it you will discover:

      “So, students who excel will still be recognized for their accomplishments — and in front of the entire student body on June 17. “During this ceremony we will honor those who have excelled in academics, in athletics, in the arts and in the related arts. Any reports to the contrary are incorrect,” the principal’s statement on the school’s web site continues”

      This is not even a real story. JoeW is an idiot and leading a pack of fools. I am sure he was never invited to take part in any honors ceremony – unless it was to sweep up the mess and take out the garbage.

  • Short N. Fatte

    I might be a bit hesitant to admit this, but I will ’cause it’s the truth. I ‘ve not really read any of JW’s articles before, but i sure liked this one. He sounds a lot like me talking- the way it is, no bones about it. ‘Cept he was a bit generous with his description of Obama. I’ll be looking forward to more of your articles, Joe.

  • Liberty requires an educated population and if we continue down the path of stupid we are truly doomed. Who holds the US Department of Education responsible for so many failures of public schools in of our major cities? We have spent Billions of taxpayer dollars to improve education but the dismal reality and result is a 75% dropout rate in Detroit, a 75% illiteracy in some of NewYork schools as well as dismal performance across our country. My God, it’s incredible how education has been dumbed down, how we have group decisions rather than individual growth and competence, how we have eliminated the bill of rights, the constitution and God and morality from everything even though our founders all had a profound belief in God and a belief in our inalienable rights. Every time the Federal government has created a new level of bureaucracy we have caused more problems without fixing anything.

    • aceofwands

      Here is 20 minutes that will blow your mind. Education is now all by liberal design.

      • IndependentPhotoGuy

        Is this why Texas and a few other states has been pushing to have “creation science” taught in science class?

    • Ray_Downen

      Our schools should be controlled locally rather than from Washington, D.C. The Department of Education should be abolished.

      • JThaddeustoad

        ABSOLUTELY !!! This agency is the result of Jimmy Carter…

  • George Marshall

    What you say is the unfortunate truth of the world. The first lesson we should all learn is that the result of our efforts is not up to us but that if we try hard and work diligently the odds are clearly more in favor of our efforts being rewarded as we would wish. There are no guarantees. Ever. Those unfortunate honor students did their best but didn’t count on a self-important, wiser-than-they principal deciding he knew better. The best of those students will understand that doing their best is its own reward. The real losers are those kids who don’t get the chance to see that there are rewards for excellence; kids who might try harder next year when they see that their Honors Student friends get a reward. Without visible, tangible incentives most young people aren’t worldly wise enough to recognize the advantages of hard work and discipline. I thought the “I’d like fries with that” remark was unnecessary and perhaps a bit dumbass on your part. I’m not a food snob. I have known diligent, hardworking people old and young in all kinds of restaurants and your closing shot was unfair.

    • Incredulous1

      George, did any of those restaurant workers aspire to a better occupation? But for poor decisions, particularly with their past “educational efforts”, were stuck on the bottom rung of the job ladder? The only “dumbass” is the one who squanders overwhelming educational opportunities offered to all in this country.

    • Ray_Downen

      In the Obama economy, ANY job may be what everyone has to aim for. I agree that hard workers deserve good jobs, but there aren’t enough jobs to go around with Obama in control.

      • Jess

        What? The Obama economy? You DO realize the economy crashed before he took office right? He has been TRYING to fix things but the damn Republicans won’t let him!

        • Ray_Downen

          We Republicans do our best to prevent Obama totally ruining the nation. You’re right about that. Yes, Obama is totally responsible for the present U.S.A. economy. His acts have made a bad situation worse and it gets worse every day he is in office. I observe that the crash of which you speak was caused totally by a Democrat Senate and House. It was not the fault of George W. Bush. You can thank Reid and Pelosi and other Democrats.

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            you must be kidding!
            Bush cut taxes on the wealthy and led us into two unfunded wars.
            Obama has been trying very hard to clean up the mess Bush left.
            Guess what – the GOP has fought him all the way and has had MANY votes to oppose abortion, give the rich more tax breaks, repeal the ACA, … They have refused to vote on or pass the jobs bills the democrats have submitted and they hav NOT submitted a single jobs bill themselves – even tho they campaigned on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS in 2010.
            I am a liberal and I am not going to give you a handout or a hug – I will give you a book and a swift kick and tell you to think.

          • Ray_Downen

            President George W. Bush led the nation well when we were attacked and war was declared by Islam against the U.S.A. Obama is doing his best to drive the nation into bankruptcy and ruin. He has done nothing good for the U.S.A. and each day is closer to ruining us.

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            you are an idiot.
            Bush left this country a mess and Obama is cleaning it up – without ANY help from the republicans.

          • Ray_Downen

            It’s idiotic to claim that Obama is helping this country in any way at all. Bush had won the Iraq war and Obama withdrew our troops hastily, leaving a vacuum now filled by our enemies. That was NOT the fault of Bush or any Republicans. Obama did it all by himself with advice from his Muslim friends. Every day Obama makes the U.S.A. worse off than it was the day before. Our enemies should be proud of Obama! Patriots deplore what he is doing to us.

          • IndependentPhotoGuy

            you have not shown any sign of thought in any statement you have made.
            You are the best example of why we need to spend more money on public education.

    • IndependentPhotoGuy

      “before going on a rant you need to read the original article. Joe W did not.

      “So, students who excel will still be recognized for their accomplishments — and in front of the entire student body on June 17.
      “During this ceremony we will honor those who have excelled in academics, in athletics, in the arts and in the related arts. Any reports to the contrary are incorrect,” the principal’s statement on the school’s web site continues”

      So, instead of the event being the honor students being honored in front of other honor students – it is now honor students being honored in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL. Now everyone will get to see who the best and brightest are. Those people on the bottom will likely have their feelings hurt more than if the original honors night had been held. Now the best students will be known by all.

      Joe W is an idiot – he makes up fake news and is outraged. Pathetic.

  • Jerome Daniel Ford

    Joe it is not only in schools the church has became the same, thankx for being a great American

  • Carolyn Myers

    I liked your article & agree with it; however, I
    would prefer the word whimpification rather than the slang derogatory female reference. Otherwise, I appreciate your words & effort.

  • G

    Joe. Your online website moderator, Liberty Alliance, would not allow much of the content of this article to appear in readers’ comments. Foe the sake of free discussion, I urge you to re-evaluate your relationahip with Liberty Alliance.

  • G

    Joe, Liberty Alliance, your online website monitor would never allow much pf your article to appear in the online comments. I urge you to re-evaluate your partnership with yhem

  • Hoss

    Very well written Joe. You nailed it. I was in Ace Hardware in Phoenix today and heard a guy who was concerned about increased government intrusion say that he hopes our people are smart enough not to resist and just accept it, otherwise it could get bloody. Apparently 1776 never happened or was bloodless. Pussification is right.

    • amber

      Instead of pussyfication it should be dickification… Pussy is tough, dick & balls are weak and easily injured.. Pussy takes a beating lol overall good article!