My Promise To My Daughter


dad&SamI do not know what my Daughter will grow up to be, but I do know that I will raise her to be  a God Fearing/Loving Christian woman. I will raise her in The Word. I have taken on the responsibility of raising a daughter and she will see and feel that she is my priority. I will work hard to provide for her, but I will not let the world intrude on our family time. I will not make the mistake of being her friend, I will be her Dad… because that is what she will need.

Public Declaration:

I will Love her
I will teach her
I will show her GOD’s love
I will support her
I will encourage her
I will Love her
I will be patient
I will be understanding
I will comfort her
I will be there for her
I will teach her family
I will teach her commitment
I will discipline her when needed
I will teach her responsibility
I will teach her to think for herself
I will teach her Love of Country
I will Love her
I will play dress up
I will teach her to shoot
I will teach her to fish
I will hug her
I will praise her
I will braid her hair
I will be silly
I will be there for her
I will Love her
And… I’m sure along the way you will teach me

These are my promises to you Samantha Jo, I love you and am very thankful that GOD has blessed us with you and that I get to be your Dad.


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  • Frank M

    Joe,congrads on your baby girl….I can see your very proud dad…Don’t worry Joe,Girls are always close to the fathers I know I have two.You and your wife have recieved the best gift GOD can gift you.She is beautiful…God bless….Oh I enjoyed the promise you made to her….

  • Mary Russell

    Wonderful promise!! I was blessed with a Dad who felt the same way. God bless!

  • God Bless YOU! The rewards for taking the path of promises that you are writing about will go far, not only for your daughter, Sir, but for you as well! There are rewards for the faithful who take the path that does NOT believe that we can serve both a Loving God and mammon! Serve God!

  • Linda Kirk

    We need tons of more dads like you Joe. You restore my faith in men” God Bless you and your family!!!

    • G

      Sent a chill down my spine. Love the hug lesson :) Congrats Big Joe!! Don’t forget to teach her about boys, and all of the good and bad things they can bring into her life.

  • Better words from a capable Dad and protector, I have not heard in a long time. If there were more Dedicated Dads like you, we might be out of a job here at A Week With My Father!