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Mixing Politics and Religion


REVRAYWhy would anyone want to start a discussion about politics? I mean, seriously, when you go to a party and you see that hand waving, fanatically loud, opinionated person who’s captured a couple of innocents in a corner…well, you just don’t go there, right?

What about the family picnic and weird uncle Ray is doing his best Billy Graham impression, telling everyone about the need for Jesus, and “just as I am”, so you try to hide, right again? For the majority, we really don’t want to mix politics and religion into everyday conversation for just those reasons.

But what happens when politics becomes religion? Guys like Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin may never have started out thinking of themselves as Savior, but we know what eventually happened.

Italian author and historian Emilio Gentile in an interview by David Hulme said, “…some secular entity in politics, like “the Fatherland,” “the Race,” “the Revolution,” “the Proletariat,” becomes absolute and requires obedience from people who believe that such an entity is the giver of the meaning of life, for which you should be willing to sacrifice your life. In any nation you sacrifice your life in war to save the country. In this way, the country (“or it’s leader” mine) becomes a secular god.”

Let me cut to the chase and say I love America, I was born, raised, and will die here. I love Jesus, even more, I pastor a small church, my children know right and wrong from the bible, and someday I’ll be carried to heaven in the arms of my loving Savior.

But when it comes to matters of faith, I PRAY…matters of conscience, I VOTE

For example, let’s say:

  • Death of the innocents…

I pray and believe God would not have me support the needless taking of life

I vote for a strong military (best deterrent to war) and against government funded abortions

  • Social justice and human rights…

I pray and believe Jesus sees all people the same, all are one in His eyes,

I vote for representatives with high moral values and against government intervention (dependance) to “level the playing field” based on race, creed, sexual preference, etc.

  • Economics…

I pray and believe God owns it all, (we give because we receive) and 10% is a good place to start

I vote for fiscal responsibility (when the out-go exceeds the in-come, then the up-keep will be your downfall ) and against stealing people’s money by selectively (vs. proportionately) raising their taxes

So, maybe if we all do a little more praying before voting, we won’t find we’ve elected a new savior instead of a servant. In which case, we would lose the right to vote anyway, be left with only a discussion of politics, a whole lot more only praying, and no more need to mix politics and religion ever again. What fun would that be?



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