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March 19 – A Great Day for Gun Rights

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Two news stories today warmed the cockles of my hard, cold heart.  Heck, I even giggled a little.

Dianne FDianne Feinstein’s Ban on Assault Weapons died a violent death today.  Not only could Harry Reid and Barack Obama not find a majority of the Senate to support it, giving them an “issue” for the 2014 election (Republicans Want Your Kids Dead!), they couldn’t even manage 40 votes.  Keep in mind that there are 53 Democrats in the Senate plus two “Independents” who only distinguish themselves from “Democrats” by being to their left on virtually everything.  So, math being my strong subject, which means Harry & Barry lost at least 16 Democrats on the Scary Weapons Ban.  Heh.

Reid told reporters that “using the most optimistic numbers,” there were less than 40 votes for Feinstein’s ban. That is far less than the 60 votes needed to move contested legislation in the chamber, which has 53 Democrats plus two independents who usually back them.

Said Feinstein: “That’s the problem with this place. The gun lobby is inordinately powerful.” She was an author of the 1994 assault weapons ban that Congress failed to renew after a decade.

Her provision would ban semi-automatic weapons – guns that fire one round and automatically reload – that can take a detachable magazine and have at least one military feature such as a pistol grip. It would specifically prohibit 157 weapons.

That would be a big NO! Dianne.  The “gun lobby” is not “inordinately powerful.”  The truth is, the American people understand the Constitution and their rights better than you and the elected leaders of your party do.

Now then, for number two.

NewtownNewtown, CT, the tragedy that triggered the progressives need to eliminate our Constitutional rights is in the news again today.

 NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Applications for gun permits have jumped in Newtown since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which sparked a renewed debate about stricter gun control laws and a surge in gun sales around the country due to worries about new limits.

Newtown in recent years has issued about 130 gun permits annually. Police say the town received 79 permit applications in the three months since the Dec. 14 massacre. …

Gee, I wonder what could be causing that?  Thanks for asking.

“A good percentage of people are making it clear they think their rights are going to be taken away,” said Robert Berkins, records manager for Newtown police. …

“We’re all upset about what happened in Newtown, but it doesn’t mean … we want to have our rights taken away.”

Got that Dianne?  Got that Barack? 

Let me be the first to encourage both of you to continue to push your gun banning legislation.

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    Be sure to check out the story out of New Jersey where the home of a certified firearms instructor was unprofessionally, presumptuosly and illegally besieged by various social and tyranical law enforcement agencies. This happened because a “concerned” citizen reported an online picture of the man’s son holding a rifle. The entire family’s civil rights were thrown under the bus by a threat of taking the into “protective” custody unless the parents submit to an illegal search. They did not and in the end these “authorities” left the premises with their tails between their legs ONLY BECAUSE this man was fully trained and had thorough knowledge of his rights. I know this story was on Fox News but I wonder how much of the liberal, biased media will show this mpst excellent example of the foresight of our Founding Fathers when writing our 2nd Amendment. Giving each citizen the ability to defend himself against tyranny.