I Want Your Vote and I Will Play Politics To Get It


Illegal Immigration-

Unfortunately when this subject comes up, especially if you are against Illegal Immigration, that very moment Lame Stream Media along with the liberal left label you a racist.

Let me spell that out real quick I-L-L-E-G-A-L. I don’t see the word Racism do you?

34152946-illegal-immigrationLet’s keep this in perspective. People that are not citizens of America enter our country Illegally. Some of them I’m sure are good people, but when they enter our country Illegally, they are now by definition criminals. These criminals/Illegals use our schools and hospitals, they can even get benefits that LEGAL citizens can’t get.

Illegal Immigration cost the American Taxpayer close to a 100 Billion dollars a year. Remember most of these ILLEGAL/Criminals do not pay taxes. That means its coming out of your pocket.

All of this is allowed by our politicians with the hope that if they can grant them “Legal Status” they in turn will VOTE for said party.

The latest “Poll” done by Reuters, show that the majority of Americans think that Illegals should be deported.

As I don’t put stock in “Polls” that often…. Where do you stand?

If you want to get non-partisan fact on Illegal Immigration please go to http://www.fairus.org/


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  • I am from a Border State. I have watched for years as the illegals parade over our Southern Border, take jobs and benefits from Americans, yet are considered “heroes” among their countrymen! None of them want to become Americans, don’t believe them when they claim they do—all they want are the freebies, the big money, and big, flashy cars–and, they don’t care how they get them! Entire neighborhoods are harassed until the American residents move, then the illegals will move in–building extra housing on city lots–ignoring housing codes, and not caring what else goes on in their neighborhoods! I have seen so many neighborhoods go down this path–wherever these people land, decay quickly follows!
    None of these people care about you, nor would they lift a hand to help any American—to them, we are nothing and worthless. Thanks to our stupid government, they get ten times more than any of us, yet we’re supposed to be nice to them!
    I don’t think so!

  • Jason Baker

    I’m not sure what there is to debate about the word Illegal… If you break the law by coming to this country illegally you go to jail, except the worst jail we can put you in is the one you came from. I have lots of people in my life that have came here LEGALLY to build a better life for their families. That I will support with open arms, but keep in mind that there are strings attached to being American. You can read all the fine print in the rule book we call The Constitution.